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Miscellaneous resources

Assistance Dog Resources

Web Site: https://www.autismspeaks.org/family-services/resource-library/assistance-dog-resources

Service dogs have been found to be very beneficial for some children and adults with autism. Autism Speaks has put together a list of resources to help you learn more about service dogs and connect you with organizations that may be able to help you and your family find a service dog that is right for you.

Pet and Animal Emergency Planning

Web Site: https://www.ready.gov/animals

This page explains how to make a pet and animal emergency plan. It also provides tips and planning tools on how to make a plan.

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping Green for Your Pet

Web Site: https://www.retailmenot.com/blog/shopping-green-for-your-pet.html

When you head to the store in search of the best products for your pets, you can quickly become overwhelmed when you see "natural" products on every shelf. Are these products really safe for your pet? Does "natural" mean the products are environmentally friendly or not?

Service Dogs for America

Web Site: http://www.servicedogsforamerica.org/programs/adult-dog-fostering/

This program is similar to the Puppy Partners Program, but it is usually a short term foster arrangement lasting 1- 3 months. As our service dogs are nearing their placement dates, we are looking for homes that will foster them and prepare them for the day-to-day routine of living with a family.

Help with Pet Veterinary Costs

Web Site: https://petsforpatriots.org/help-with-pet-veterinary-costs/

Veterinary costs are one of the biggest contributors to the overall costs of owning a pet, which is why Pets for Patriots partners with veterinary practices across the country to provide high quality, discounted care to veterans and service members who adopt through our program.

VA Benefits for Service Dogs

Web Site: www.prosthetics.va.gov/ServiceAndGuideDogs.asp

Blind Veterans with working dogs are provided veterinary care and equipment through VA Prosthetics and Sensory Aids. VA does not pay for boarding, grooming, food, or any other routine expense associated with owning a dog.

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