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Foods & Supplements

Here is some information regarding feeding your pets
and adding supplements to their diets.
Keep reading and you will find a table of links to even more information.

Local Small Pet Stores for supplements and pet foods:

Shop local and not the big box stores — support local small businesses we need them…


You may wish to give your dog supplements, in addition to their regular diet. Supplements can be useful in addressing specific issues, such as dry skin or fleas, but they are also a smart addition to your healthy dog’s diet. All supplements should be GRADUALLY added to your dog’s diet. Take at least two weeks to slowly build up to the recommended amount. Remember, MODERATION is the key to everything you do for or give your dog. TOO MUCH of a good thing can cause harm also.

Check with your local small pet stores to see if they carry these. There are other good supplements out there (read labels). These are some I used and liked:

Whole Food Supplements

Probiotics/Digestive Enzymes

Ones with BILLIONS of enzymes are the best. Read the labels of ones I do not suggest.

You can use human probiotics and disgesitrve enzymes also.

Fish Oils — Be sure to rotate fish oils with each bottle you buy. Fish oil from smaller fish have less mercury in them and are healthier for you and our pets. You can do salmon oil in rotation with: Krill or Sardine oils. If fish oil smells bad, that means it is old or rancid. Do not use it.

I strongly suggest everyone should try a whole food supplement at least once (through the completion of the package). If you can honesty say you do NOT see any difference in your pet don't buy it again. With a whole food supplement I have seen many skin problems disappear, digestive disorders become controllable, and energy levels become like a kid again.



The Honest Kitchen
1804 Garnet Avenue, # 201
San Diego, CA 92109


Email: info@thehonestkitchen.com

Web Site: www.thehonestkitchen.com

The genesis of The Honest Kitchen was the search for a human grade pet food that would be good enough for our team's own pets to eat; one that resembles a home made diet in quality, encompasses variety, is economical, nutritionally balanced, and quick and easy to prepare.

Sojourner Farms (SOJO's)
One Nineteenth Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55454


Email: mail@sojos.com

Web Site: www.sojos.com

At Sojourner Farms, our products reflect the teachings of European herbalists and many of the founding members of the holistic veterinary movement. Well-cared-for European critters have traditionally been fed a mueslix-type blend of grains, herbs and nuts, along with fresh meats, vegetables and healthy table scraps. The vibrant health these animals have shown, we feel, is no coincidence. Sojourner Farms is dedicated to spreading the word about the benefits of switching from processed, preserved pellets to fresh, whole foods for pets.

Raw - Formulated

Raw Bistro
Cannon Falls, MN


Email: hello@rawbistro.com

Web Site: rawbistro.com

Raw BistroRaw formulas of 100% Grass Fed Beef or Bison, Free Range Chicken or Turkey and GREAT Raw bones.

Raw Bistro is a different kind of pet food company. We know how much your furry companions matter to you — we've got dogs and cats of our own, and they're family members that we want with us for as long as possible.

Northwest Naturals


Email: info@nw-naturals.net

Web Site:

Highest Quality Manufacturing and Ingredients

USDA/Oregon Tilth/Global Food Safety Initiative Certified– We follow Active Human Plant Human Safety Standards & Guidelines and have a USDA Inspector on site for all production (also APHIS approved)

Superior Manufacturing Practices (HACCP – GMP – TQC – SSOP –PREOP- PIP) Always scoring among the highest scores in Annual 3rd Party Food Safety Audits

Dry Food

Freezed Dried Food

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