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The “Quickie” Mini Class

Beginner Obedience Mini Class
For Dogs 6 months or older
Class is 3 hours on one day
Cost: $120

Dates and times for "Quickie" Mini Classes
can be found on the schedule page

**MUST READ BEFORE CLASS: General Class Information

Registration Form available here

Most people are in such a hurry and their time is so limited. But you still want a pupper that has GOOD manners. If you do not have the time or your schedule changes too much for my weekly classes, a "quickie" class is for you. With this mini class pooches and people win. This is a great way to spend a couple hours with your dog and get both of you to work as a team!

Save Time! Save Money! Save Gas!

In only 3 hours you will learn to have your dog walk on a loose leash, come when called, stay, and Leave It!

Get answers to your questions about jumping, nipping, barking, greeting you and your company and MUCH MORE!

What's that you say... "How can my dog learn anything in that amount of time?" 3/4 of training involves getting YOU to understand what is needed, how to do it, how to relate it you your pet and where to use what you will be learning.

At the end of the workshop you will receive a packet that will go over all that is covered in class (so you don't have to memorize it) plus some other tips on how to bring out the best manners in your pet.

The “Quickie” Mini Class covers: