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Nose Work Class

An Intro Class for Nose Work!
1 time 1½ hour Class
Cost: $20

Dates and times for "Nose Work" Mini Classes
can be found on the schedule page

**MUST READ BEFORE CLASS: General Class Information

Registration Form available here

Teach your dog to use his /hers nose to find things! They NATURALLY use their noses- now teach them to be more organized with it. If you have a BUSY dog- most people want to run and run them to tire them out. Well, all that does is build an athlete - what use to take a half hour to tucker them out .. now becomes 2+ hrs ! they come home – take a nap and are ready to go again! If you want to do something FUN with your dog- this is it. When a dog uses his nose to find things- it takes soooo many senses to come together- it drains them for the rest of the day! ( Like humans reading a book- a nap is required after or even WHILE READING because you are concentrating …) They become calmer naturally! It is FUN FOR YOU, working together, and for your pupper!!! Even better - you do not need any expensive equipment! The world is full of smells to find! All you need is: you, your pupper and a smell to find!

Look forward to having a "Smelly" dog! It is LOTS of FUN! and the only " smell"… is the one they are finding! Your dog knows obedience, some tricks.. now teach them … SCENTS/SMELLS.

Sign up today! And let the fun begin!