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Beginner I

For dogs 6 months old or older
Classes are 1 hour a week for 5 weeks
Cost: $145
No dog is too old to learn good manners!!!

Dates and times for Beginner I can be found on the schedule page

Rescue Program or Humane Society dogs receive $20 off Beginner I
(proof of purchase receipt necessary)

**MUST READ BEFORE CLASS: General Class Information

Registration Form available here

Beginner I is designed to get you and your dog on the path to a great relationship.

Are You Tired of...

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, Beginner I is for you, your family and your pupper!

Your dog is not going to "just grow out of it". If you want a dog that is an enjoyable, lovable member of your family, you have to train the dog. There is no short cut.

Training is just establishing ground rules and following through with them. Being consistent, having patience, shaping the behavior you want, and understanding how a dog thinks. I like to think of it as dogs speak Spanish and humans speak English. With Beginner I you will learn to speak a little Spanish and your dog will learn to speak a little English. Both worlds can start to communicate and good manners are soon within reach.

Dogs can be trained or retrained and a strong bond can be built with you at ANY AGE as long as you are consistent with what you are teaching them. There are no quick fixes, you have to BUILD a relationship and modify the behavior you want.

Beginner I covers: