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For 34 years dog owners and industry professionals across the Twin Cities metro area have turned to Katie K-9 in times of need. She is dedicated to further educating the everyday family and their dog through obedience classes, private lessons and a weekly call-in radio show.

You too can learn from her time honored training methods. Katie offers year round obedience training in a fun, relaxing, friendly country atmosphere! You won't find expensive gimmicks or treats, just simple “K-9” logic and kind-hearted patience.

Dog training class

$35 Consultation

For Dog or Cat

Behavior Problems
or Pet Nutrition Questions

Via … E-Mail or Over the Phone

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With Katie's small class sizes, enthusiastic style and warm sense of humor, Katie will give you and your dog the inspiration and motivation to polish your pupper and make him shine as a life long well-mannered companion! Join the thousands of dog owners across the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota area... Train your dog or puppy right the first time and for a lifetime.

At Katie’s K9’s there are NO TREATS to get your dog motivated to work for you. YOU are the treat. Verbal and physical praise is all your dog really needs from you. Your dog is now working from his heart and NOT their stomach. It’s the beginning of a GREAT working TEAM!

Yes! When you have a treat, your dog will do just about anything to get it from you. Now ask him when you do not have that treat…. You will ALWAYS have yourself, but you will NOT ALWAYS have a treat. Learn how to get your dog to work for you because he WANTS too and not because you have a treat in your hand or in some cases — your mouth.

If your dog was trained with treats, no problem, Katie can help you lose the treats and get you and your pupper working as a TEAM.

No dog is too old to learn good manners! At any age, any dog can learn or re-learn anything. The only thing is…. YOU have to be willing to change and be willing to learn so you can teach your pupper.

Katie teaches hand-signals along with verbal commands.

There are 5 different types of training collars to try. No one collar works for all dogs. Each dog is an individual, we need to see what will work for you and your dog.

Katie offers:

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Rescue Program or Humane Society dogs receive $10 off
Puppy Workshop
and One Day Workshop
(proof of purchase receipt necessary)

Rescue Program or Humane Society dogs receive $20 off Beginner I
(proof of purchase receipt necessary)

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